A Few Tips For Perfect Results

Here are a few tips and answers to some frequently asked questions.

These are designed to help you get best tanning experience and longest lasting, most beautiful spray tan.

Young spray tanned lady shavng her legs

Step One: Know your No-Nos

1. DO NOT shave immediately before your spray tan service. Shave the night before if you have a morning session, or in the morning if you have a night session

2. DO NOT use deodorants or fragrances/perfumes before your spray tan service. These will cause a barrier between you and your tan

3. DO NOT wear makeup! Makeup will cause a barrier between you and your tan

Step Two: How to Properly Exfoliate for a Spray Tan

1. DO use an oil-free exfoliant. An exfoliant with oil or aloe in it will leave behind a residue barrier that can interfere with your spray tan

2. DO NOT apply anything to your skin after the exfoliation process. If you apply products after you exfoliate then you’ve just created a barrier between your skin and the spray tan solution

Lady looking in her closet

Step Three: How to Dress for a Spray Tan

1. DO NOT wear tight clothing. This means tight socks, boots, belts, gloves, stockings, leggings, skinny jeans

2. DO NOT wear anything with an elastic waist or drawstring. Elastic waistbands or drawstrings cause indentations in your skin, which often translate to weird marks in your tan

3. DO wear loose clothing. Think sundresses, skirts, loose-fitting pants, looser shirts, shorts.

4. DO wear clothing that covers all of your tan if it’s raining!. Just like sweat, rain will wreak havoc on a tan, so be sure to wear something that will protect you from the elements if the weather is not going to be great.

After Your Spray Tan Service

Step One: Know How Long You Need To Wait Before Rinsing

1. All spray tans require between 12-24 hours to achieve full development. The initial rinse-off times depend on the formulation used. Rapid formulas require 1-4 hour rinse-off depending upon the desired result. Traditional formulas require an 8-12 hour rinse-off.

2. Rapid Tan rinse off time depends on your skin type and your desired level of darkness. Leaving it on for longer will result in a deeper, richer tan. Always consult your spray tan professional on what your recommended rinse off time is!

Step Two: Initial Rinse Off Instructions

1. DO NOT use soap, shampoo, or any other body product on your initial rinse off.

2. DO use only water!!

Woman Tanning by pool

Step Three: After Your First Shower

1. DO NOT scrub down with your towel on your first rinse–pat dry instead!

2. You CAN now apply deodorants and fragrances.

3. You CAN now work out/sweat/run around in the rain.

Step Four: After Care Instructions

Be sure to follow the After Care instructions that I will give you at your session. Do not use bar soaps going forward (particularly Dove products or any products that are not PH balanced). I highly recommend the use of the luxury After Care Products that are available for purchase from me after your session to prolong your tan.

A Few Helpful Tips

I have found that the following products will lighten or make an airbrush tan spotty:

  • Dove soap and Dove products or any

  • Hair thinning lotion or hair removing lotion bar soap that is not PH balanced

  • Anti-aging products or AHAs

  • Beta hydroxy acids, salicylic acid

  • Retin-A type products (Retin-A, Renova, etc)

  • Toners containing alcohols or witch hazel

  • Anti-acne products (Accutane, salicylic acid)

  • Facial masks and scrubs

  • Pore cleansing facial strips

  • Bleach products for body hair

  • Bug sprays

  • Depilatory products

  • Waxing depilatories

  • Hot tubs, chlorine and salt water

  • Bleach products for body hair